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Best signs story

The first film in the Napo series provides a basic introduction to health and safety signs and symbols found in the workplace. It provides a useful guide for new employees and a valuable refresher for other workers. Different workplace situations are shown where safety signs are important. This film is suitable for all sectors and all levels of employees but especially for young people in training or work experience.

It is designed to inform the audience about safety signs at work, to promote the importance of respecting the signs, and to learn and identify the meaning of the signs through their form and the colour. There are thirteen sketches. Each sketch concerns a working situation where Napo is confronted by the signs that come to life to teach him their meaning and the importance of safety. The sequences show what happens if the signs are not obeyed, and the technical and organisational obstacles against the efficient working of the signs.

Best signs story
Danger - suspended load
Danger - fork-lift trucks
Prohibition signs
No smoking
Mandantory signs
Rescue signs
Rescue route
First aid
Fire protection signs
Fire-extinguishing equipment
Fire alarm system
The end

Scene 18The end