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Napo for teachers

Portrait of Napo

Using the ever-popular Napo character, EU-OSHA, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, together with the Napo Consortium has devised a series of occupational safety and health (OSH) education toolkits for teachers, aimed at introducing health and safety topics to primary school children in an educational, yet fun and imaginative way using the Napo clips and creative activities.

Each study pack outlines the key messages and learning objectives, offering teachers full details on suggested activity ideas and the resources required, alongside a sample lesson plan that can be readily incorporated into a typical 40 minute lesson.

The resource packs offer suggested lesson plans to educate children aged between seven and eleven on the importance of health and safety. The informative education toolkits feature full instructions, suggested activities and accompanying downloadable resources, to provide teachers and educators support and guidance on incorporating OSH messages into the existing curriculum. The flexible lessons are designed to fit alongside current curriculum subjects to reinforce and assist in their teaching. These include:

  • Personal Health and Social Education (PHSE)
  • Science
  • Road Safety
  • Language learning
  • Arts


Ålder för målgrupp9-11 years
Napo in hazard's hunter

The following OSH education toolkits are aimed at children between nine and eleven. At nine, children undergo a key development phase when they should be able to start working cooperatively in groups to complete projects, start learning to work independently on multi-step projects and be introduced to basic scientific thinking and facts. Instilling a culture of risk prevention equips them with the basic skills and knowledge to keep them safe in years to come.

Ålder för målgrupp7-9 years
Napo in be body wise

The following OSH education toolkits have been devised with children aged between seven and nine in mind. At this age children start moving towards abstract thinking, develop reasoning skills and shift to learning via language and logic, in addition to observation. Introducing safety and health at this age is key to establishing the foundations for safe and healthy habits.