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Check your posture

In this activity participants view and discuss a Napo scene which looks at: how can we develop work-related MSDs over time due to poor postures; how simple measures, taken before it is too late, can reduce the problem.

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Participants understand:

  • The impact of poor posture at work. (w)
  • that acute and chronic back, neck and wrist pain can develop as a result of poor posture (w,m,s)
  • minor alterations to the workplace environment can reduce the frequency of MSDs. (w,m,s)
  • how to raise  concerns about MSDs in their workplace (w)
  • how to listen to concerns raised about MSDs  by workers (m,s)
  • the cost benefit of introducing MSD related interventions (m)

managers (m) supervisors (s) and workers (w)


Facilitator to introduce Napo, encouraging participants to identify the potential for MSDs (back, neck and wrist pain). Facilitator to encourage participants to share their own experiences using the recommended questions from the following options:

  • What health and safety issues does the film raise? Can you suggest any solutions? (w,m,s)
  • What alterations could be made to your work environment to reduce the risk of MSDs. (w)
  • How would you involve the workers in decision-making (m,s)
  • If you start to experience discomfort as a result of poor posture at work how would you raise this with your line manager/supervisor (w)
  • How do you maintain open lines of communication on health and safety issues with your teams (m,s)
  • How can adopting a positive working position enhance productivity, performance, workers lives and reduce absence? (w,m,s)
  • If you identified a similar situation in your workplace would you be confident in suggesting changes? (w,m,s)
  • Can you explain the cost benefit of introducing an MSD related intervention in your workplace (w,m,s)

Participants can explain the short and long term benefits of preventing MSDs on a personal and organisational level (w,m,s)

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