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Make sure to look at the Frequently Asked Questions below before posting a question. Maybe it has already been answered. 

1. Is it possible to edit or change the films?

No. The films are covered by copyright. These rights to use the Napo films do not extend to editing or modifying the films, using the films in other film productions or multimedia products, or using the films for advertising or promotion.

2. Is it possible to use individual scenes from the Napo films in PowerPoint presentations?

Yes. Individual scenes from the Napo films may also be used in PowerPoint presentations and on Intranet sites with an appropriate credit to the producers in the form of an end-frame which can be downloaded here.

3. Is it possible to make a link to the Napo website?

Yes. The Napo Consortium allows links to the Home Page of the Napo website but does not approve the hosting of Napo films on other websites.

4. Is it possible to use Napo or an image of Napo for my campaign identity?

No. The Napo character may only be used directly in the promotion of the Napo films. It is not possible to use Napo or any Napo images to brand health and safety publicity, promotion or publishing.

5. Is it possible to download films from the Napo website?

Yes. To download complete Napo films or selected scenes to your PC go to the Napo website ( and go to the film or the scene you want to download. You can either click on the 'download' button Download icon, or add your video to the download centre, by clicking on the 'download centre' button Download centre icon.

The 'download centre' button adds the selected videos to a list that you can access from the top menu bar of the website. From there you will see a list with all your selected videos that you can download in one operation. To remove selected videos from the 'download centre' list click on the "X" button.

Please, note that the download option is not available in the mobile version.

6. Is it possible to upload Napo films or scenes to my website or my company's website?

No. You can make a link to the Napo website ( but it is not allowed to upload the films.

7. Is it possible to use the Napo films on my company's Intranet?

Yes. You can download the films and upload them to an internal Intranet site.

8. Is it possible to use the Napo films or scenes from films in an E-Learning programme?

Only if the E-Learning is exclusively for internal use within the company or organisation is it possible to include Napo films or scenes from films. If the E-Learning programme is for external use as part of a training package for sale it is not possible to include Napo films or scenes from films.

9. How can I obtain the Napo DVDs?

You can obtain copies of the Napo DVDs from Napo Consortium members (AUVA in Austria, DGUV in Germany, HSE in the UK, INAIL in Italy, INRS in France, and SUVA in Switzerland). Elsewhere within the European Union (EU), the European Free Trade Area (EFTA) or Candidate Countries you should contact the National Focal Point of EU-OSHA in your country ( Outside of Europe please contact

10. What are the differences between MP4 and WMV?

MP4 or MPEG-4 is a standard for the compression of videos, developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG); commonly used for sharing video files on the Internet. It can be reproduced on almost any device and operating system.

WMV stands for Windows Media Video, developed by Microsoft. You can embed videos in this format in Microsoft Office. You can also watch WMV videos on several media players, such as VLC, The KMPlayer, Mplayer, and with Microsoft Flip4Mac software, and play WMV files on your QuickTime Player.