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Rights and permissions

The Napo films are the property of Via Storia, the production company based in Strasbourg, France, and the Napo Consortium which funds and produces the films on behalf of a small group of European health and safety organisations: AUVA (Austria); CIOP (Poland); DGUV (Germany); INAIL (Italy); INRS (France); TNO (Netherlands) and SUVA (Switzerland). In addition, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has an agreement with DGUV (on behalf of the Consortium) to reproduce and supply copies of the Napo films to national Focal Points in all EU Member States, candidate and EFTA countries.


Copyright is vested in Via Storia.

The Napo Consortium enjoys certain rights as co-producers including the full rights, without time limit, to use the films within their institution’s area of work, and to receive master tapes from which they may reproduce copies.


The Napo films or individual scenes from the films may be used freely for education, training and awareness raising without seeking prior permission from the Napo Consortium.

Individual scenes from the Napo films may also be used in PowerPoint presentations and on Intranet sites with an appropriate credit to the producers in the form of an end-frame which can be downloaded here.

These rights do not extend to:

  • editing, revising or modifying the films

  • using films and scenes from the films in other film/video productions

  • using films or scenes from the films for advertising, promotion or endorsement

  • duplicating, distributing or selling copies of the films

  • publishing Napo films on Internet websites

  • including films or scenes from the films in multimedia products, unless specifically authorised

The Napo Consortium allows links to the Home Page of the Napo website but does not approve the hosting of Napo films on other websites.

The Napo character may only be used directly in the promotion of the film - it is not possible to use Napo or any Napo images in general health and safety publicity, promotion or publishing.

Requests and enquiries

All other requests and enquiries should be made to the Napo Consortium. Contact us by email on contact form