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Take a break

This Napo scene looks at issues related to sitting in the same posture or being inactive. The activity encourages participants to discuss issues related to prolonged periods of sitting and steps that can be taken to avoid it.

Facilitator guidance
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Learning Objectives

Participants understand:

  • That sitting in the same position or remaining inactive is not good for your health (w,m,s)
  • That acute and chronic MSDs can develop as a result of poor posture (w,m,s)
  • Shorts bursts of exercise and breaks can reduce the frequency of MSDs (w,m,s)
  • The importance of early symptom reporting (w,m,s)
  • Why they should apply this knowledge both at work and out of work (w,m,s)

managers (m) supervisors (s) and workers (w)


Facilitator to introduce Napo, encouraging participants to identify the potential for MSDs.  Facilitator to encourage participants to share their own experiences using the recommended questions from the following options:

Questions to consider:

  • What health and safety issues does the film raise? Can you suggest any solutions? (w,m,s)
  • Do you recognise this type of situation from your own workplace? (w)
  • If you start to experience discomfort as a result of poor posture at work, how would you raise this with your manager or supervisor? (w)
  • How do you maintain open lines of communication on health and safety issues with your team? (m,s)
  • How do you ensure tasks are planned in a way that combine sitting and standing options as much as possible? (m,s)
  • How do you encourage workers to build short periods of exercise and breaks into their working day? (m,s)
Concluding questions
  • Can you explain the benefits of building short periods of exercise/movement into your working day? (w,m,s)
  • Can you explain the added value of a team approach to encouraging short periods of exercise/movement on a personal and organisational level (w,m,s)

Participants can explain the importance of changing postures and taking short breaks to stretch and move (w,m,s)

Resources required