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Lesson One – Identification of risks and hazards

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Napo’s Hazard Hunter

Note: Though it is possible to use these lessons as separate units, it is recommended to work through each plan in logical succession
Napo’s Hazard Hunter

This toolkit engages children in a series of fun activities to help them identify and explain safety and health risks and hazards both at school and at home. It offers children the means to develop an understanding of their own responsibility in relation to risks and hazards and to evaluate different levels of risks.

Teacher guidance:

It is never too early to introduce children to the basic safety concepts that for adults come under the umbrella of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH).

Napo is a charming character who can help children think, understand and act on safety issues. To find out more about Napo, click here: Who is Napo There is a wide range of Napo films, so please feel free to explore them and use in your own classes.

Some of the basic safety concepts in this lesson plan can link to curriculum already being taught. This resource presents a range of great ideas which you can use to help integrate these safety concepts into your lessons. It can work as a lesson or be part of a wider project. It links to other subjects, as shown, but its main purpose is to use the engaging Napo films to teach children about how to take care of themselves and each other and recognise hazards.

The grid overleaf gives an overview of potential activities, objectives and resources required for the lesson. This is followed by a more detailed example three-part lesson plan with some ideas for extending the learning. In this project pupils will discover how to recognise the various hazards that might put them and their friends in danger. During this project they will be able to develop the skills of working together to put some of the learning into practice.

If you need more information on basic safety and health topics raised in this project, you can find it in the corresponding helpsheet for this lesson plan in the third section.

Learning Objectives

Lesson 1 – Napo’s Hazard Hunter: Identification of risks and hazards

To recognise risks and hazards at school and at home

To evaluate different levels of risks

To work as a team to prepare materials that demonstrate the above learning

Activity Overview - See Detailed Lesson Plan

40/45 minutes

Hunt the hazard Watch the Napo clip provided with this lesson: Risks Hazards Identification

Film: Risky Business

Scene – Risks at home

Scene – Assess the risks

Discuss and define the hazards shown in the scenes and what sort of other hazards they are aware of. Encourage children to explain what a risk and hazard is (see helpsheet).

Hand out Hazard Spotting posters, and ask children to place a sticker wherever they find a hazard.

Re-group and ask children individually to say what they have identified as hazards.

Resources Required

Links to subjects/curriculum

Personal, social and health education

Household products, including medicines, can be harmful if not used properly

Rules for and ways of keeping safe, including basic road safety, and about people who can help them stay safe

To recognise how their behaviour affects other people


To recognise that there are hazards in living things, materials and physical processes, and assess risks and take action to reduce risks to themselves and others

Pupils should obtain an insight into the use of chemicals at home, their labelling and handling

Handling of natural and artificial substances

Citizenship/Education for civil life

To recognise hazards and assess consequent risks

Foreign/Native Language

Writing simple sentences to com- plete a story with a beginning, middle and end structure

Napo’s Hazard Hunter-Lesson One – Identification of risks and hazards

The film looks at hazards and some of the most common workplace risks, and the need to: 'Stop, Think and Act' to reduce the number of workplace accidents and the incidence of occupational ill health. The film is designed for use as a training aid to introduce risk assessment and the concepts of hazard and risk.

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