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Don’t forget handling aids

This Napo scene shows the importance of being able to apply an adequate grip when moving and handling the load. The activity encourages participants to discuss, among other things, grip and other factors relevant to safe manual handling; raising concerns and suggesting improvements.

Facilitator guidance
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Learning Objectives

Participants understand:

  • The importance of being able to apply an adequate grip when moving and handling a load (w,m,s)
  • Where an assessment has identified that a manual approach to moving and handling a load what factors in addition to grip need to be considered so this can be done without causing  injury? (w,m,s)
  • The importance of early symptom reporting (w,m,s)
  • Why they should apply this knowledge both at work and out of work (w,m,s)

managers (m) supervisors (s) and workers (w)


Facilitator to introduce Napo, encouraging participants to identify the potential for MSDs.   Facilitator to encourage participants to share their own experiences using the recommended questions from the following options:

Questions to consider:

  • What health and safety issues does the film raise? Can you suggest any solutions? (w,m,s)
  • Do you recognise this type of situation from your own workplace? (w)
  • How would you raise concerns and suggest improvements to this working practice to reduce the risk of MSDs? (w)
  • Why is wearing any personal protective equipment provided, such as gloves, important for this type of manual handling activity?(w)
  • How do you ensure that loads have suitable handholds to enable workers to have an adequate grip? (m,s)
Concluding questions
  • Can you explain the importance of taking the time to identify the hazards associated with not being able to adequately grip objects? (w,m,s)
  • Can you explain the added value of a team approach to assessing manual handling tasks including the importance of grip? (w,m,s)
  • Participants can explain the short and long term benefits of ensuring that loads can be adequately gripped during manual handling activities (w,m,s)
Resources required