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Lift and carry safely

This Napo scene looks at importance of using correct manual handling techniques. The activity encourages participants to discuss poor and good handling techniques and other associated issues such as getting sufficient information and training to move load safely.

Facilitator guidance
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Learning Objectives

Participants understand:

  • The importance of applying efficient movement principles when required to move and handle a load (w,m,s)
  • That acute and chronic MSDs can develop as a result of not applying efficient movement principles to moving and handling loads (w,m,s)
  • The importance of training in load handling (w,m,s)
  • The importance of early symptom reporting (w,m,s)
  • Why they should apply this knowledge both at work and out of work (w,m,s)

managers (m) supervisors (s) and workers (w)


Facilitator to introduce Napo, encouraging participants to identify the potential for MSDs.  Facilitator to encourage participants to share their own experiences using the recommended questions from the following options:

Questions to consider:

  • What health and safety issues does the film raise? Can you suggest any solutions? (w,m,s)
  • Have you provided workers with sufficient information and training to move loads safely? (m,s)
  • Have you been provided with the necessary information and understanding to move a load safely? (w)
  • How can you encourage workers to follow the outcomes of a risk assessment? (m,s)
  • How have you supported workers to ensure they can make an ‘on the spot’ risk assessment should conditions change? (m,s)
Concluding questions
  • Can you explain the ‘right’ way to move and handle a load? (w,m,s)
  • Can you explain the added value of a team approach to the safe handling of loads  (w,m,s)

Participants can explain the importance of efficient movement principles in reducing the risk from the manual handling of loads on a personal and organisational level (w,m,s)

Resources required
  • Flipchart and pens
  • Post-it stickers and pens
  • Go to video