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Napo in the workplace

Napo in the workplace

These resources are to enable organisations to use Napo films to raise awareness about health and safety topics within groups of their own staff and supply chains. The resources will enable organisations to deliver advice on health and safety topics, and will help generate discussion around the topics. They are also suitable for use on vocational training courses.

Understanding MSDs [14]

Design adapté...

Check your posture

Le vieillissement et la SST, Travail de bureau, Troubles musculo-squelettiques (TMS), Ergonomie

En marche !

Keep moving at work

Prévention, Ageing and OSH, Comportement, Culture de la sûreté

Partage d'expérience...

Share skills and experience

Ageing and OSH, Port de charges, Charges lourdes, Intégration, La SST et les jeunes

Stress des temps modernes

Risk-assess repetitive work

Coût des accidents, Production, Pressions

Diviser pour régner

Split up heavy loads

Charges lourdes, Manutention manuelle

Ergonomie radicale

Report signs of MSDs early

Travail sur ordinateur, Ergonomie